Crony Capitalism

At the simplest level, free market capitalism is driven by supply and demand; people only engage in mutually beneficial transactions and are free to spend their time and money as they choose.

Crony capitalism, despite the name, is not free market capitalism at all.  In crony capitalism the game is rigged; supply and demand are artificially manipulated, and individuals are forced to participate in transactions that go against their self-interest.

Sadly, in the United States we have crony capitalism; the economy is manipulated by government, corporate, and financial entities, that limit the ability of individuals to spend their time and money as they choose.  Even the fiat currency used is designed to drain resources from the populace.

Please note the emphasis on time as a resource in addition to money.  Government regulations literally force people to work in order to meet burdens such as taxes.  This takes time away from activities people have historically invested in, such as family and helping the poor.

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