McGroarty Genealogy

There are a number of McGroarty family members who would like to learn more about our family history.  The following accounts have been submitted by members of the McGroarty family from around the world.

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Abraham, Carl

Carl lives in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  His mother’s, Margaret (Peggy), maiden name is McGroarty.  Her father was Williams Henry McGroarty.  Carl believes Williams was from the area of County Donegal, Ireland.  Williams had two brothers, John and Eddie McGroarty.  Their mother’s name was Mae or Mary.  All of these McGroartys settled in Brooklyn, New York.

Armstrong, Michelle Frances (McGroarty)

My name is Michelle Frances (McGroarty) Armstrong. My brother is William John McGroarty III, my Father also William John McGroarty Jr., both of Phila. Pa. My Grandfather, who was born on May 6th, of 1899 in Germantown, Pa. is William John (Reds) McGroarty Sr. I believe he was born of Margie Gallagher and Robert McGroarty. Margie perished from a cooking fire 6 mos. after my grandfathers birth, his father died not to long after from –I think TB. My Grandfather was placed in an Orphanage. I am assuming relatives, and there were plenty, felt they couldn’t take the infant on for their own financial hardships. That aside, some information on my grandfather was lost in a fire in the orphanage, we have the basic info though. This is where I become sketchy, I think Robert was the son of Patrick and Mary McGroarty of Ireland who resided in Philadelphia, PA. He had siblings, Patrick, William, Kate and Bridget. I too believe that our ancestry hales from the County Donegal.

Bacom, Kathleen

Kathleen is the daughter of Mary “McGroarty” Bacom.  Mary is the daughter of Michael McGroarty of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Barber, Jen

My mom, Bernice McGroarty, was born in Omaha, Nebraska to a Joseph and Lucile McGroarty in 1944. They had 4 daughters. 2 of them have passed away. My mom is one of the 2 surviving daughters.  Those 4 daughters ended up having 24 children between them.   Most of the family is still in Omaha. Some of the family is in Minnesota. The rest of us are spread out all over the U.S.

Billingsley, Teresa A

Teresa “McGroarty” Billingsley lives in Bowie, Maryland. Her father is John James McGroarty of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Teresa has two brothers and two sisters.

Brown, Heidi (McGroarty)

I, Heidi “McGroarty” Brown am the granddaughter of Seamus (James) McGroarty who came to New York from Ireland around the 1940-1950’s.  My grandfather James “Seamus” McGroarty was born on September 16, 1927, and resided in Donegal until he was in his early twenties, I believe he was nearly 24, when he then moved to New York. I don’t know when, but he then moved to Painesville, OH and then to Perry, OH where he continued to live out the rest of his life.

Cross, Katee

I am Sue (McGroarty) Simonson’s sister Katee (McGroarty) Cross. Our father was Charles Joseph McGroarty (born 1907 in Scranton, Pa). He moved to Southern CA with our mother (Jane Grindrod) in 1949. His parents were Charles Aloysius McGroarty (born 1883 in Wilkes Barre, PA) and Agnes Gertrude Taugher (I’m not sure when she was born). Charles A. McGroarty’s parents were Patrick McGroarty (born 1849 in Ireland, possibly Donegal, and immigrated to the US in 1863) and Mary O’Toole (not sure of her birth date but she did immigrate to the US in 1863 with her sisters).

Doyle, Terri

My mother tells this story about her cousin Susan Agnes HONNAN (known as Nan) who was married to John (possibly John James) McGROARTY in Glasgow, 1941.

John McGroarty was in the Merchant Navy during WW2.  His ship was attacked, and he was reported as missing.  Nan was very pregnant at the time this news was received.  She was absolutely sure that her husband was safe and well and would be home in time to greet their baby.  The rest of the family was quietly not so optimistic and were carefully choosing their words in order to prepare her for the dreaded “Regret to inform you…” telegram.  Nan refused to accept that.  She was right.  John McGroarty did come home.  He was rescued after the ship was torpedoed and ended up in a hospital in Murmansk.  Mum thinks he was awarded some sort of medal or commendation.

Erbe, Kathleen McGroarty

I was searching the net when I came across your site. My sister Mary Taylor and a cousin Rosemary Yumon are on it. I can give you a little more information on our family.  Our great-grandparents were James (1835-1909) and Ellen Brennan (1833-1930), our grandparents were Peter (1877-1936) and Mary Gemmel Mary was from Scotland and the McGroarty were from Donegal. They immigrated to PA. near Hazleton  a village called Janesville.  Then moved to Morea, PA near Mahanoy City. Peter and Mary had 6 children, James (Rosemary’s father), married to Mary Dewyer, They had 3 children – Edward, Rosemary, Jimmy. Joseph, my father who married Ida Panella, they had 4 children Joseph, Mary, Gerald, and Me Kathleen. Julia never married. John, married Helen (forgot her maiden name) they had 3 children –John, Thomas and Helen. Baby of the family was Mary married to Robert Johnson  they had 5 children Kenneth, Elaine, Alice, Virginia, and Joanne. There was another son Gerald he died when he was very young.

I was married to Frank Erbe, he died in 1996 we had 3 sons John, Robert, Thomas.  John is married to Kelly Monahan they have 3 children, Aydan Conor, Cealinn Liffy, Colm Patrick. They live in Mahanoy City, PA. Robert is married to SueEllen Schuman they just adopted a baby from China.  They live in Tucson, AZ.  Thomas is single and has a daughter. Reese Elizabeth, he lives in Mahanoy City. My brother Joseph lives in N Carolina he is divorced from his first wife Theresa they had 4 children, Joanne, Joseph, Caroline, and Patty (deceased).  My sister Mary Taylor Memphis, TN married Frank C Taylor they had 4 children Chet, Kevin, Sharon, and Scott.  My brother Gerald,  Riverside, CA, is married to Gloria, she had 5 children from a previous marriage.

Giltzow, Robert

Bob’s mother is a McGroarty and she currently resides in the Los Angeles, California area.  Bob’s mother would be very interested in any information that anyone might be able to share.

Goodfellow, John

My late mother was Mary (McGroarty) Goodfellow of Belfast in Northern Ireland. Her father was Philip b.1900 and her GF was Bernard b.1856/7 in Co Donegal, probably in Keelogs, Inver. Rev Fr Michael Hartley, who also has an entry on this site, is my cousin, following in the footsteps of St Columba and trying to convert the heathen English. I have just set up a web-site in which I’m trying to fill in some of the Irish relationships – see URL above. Comments or contributions would be appreciated.

Hartley, Father Michael

I am the son of Margaret and Michael Hartley McGroaty. My mother was one of three sisters born in Belfast. She has one brother (my uncle) Bernard who has now returned to live in Cork. They left Belfast during the early troubles. My Aunt Elizabeth married a Mr. McAlleese and still lives in Belfast. My Aunt Mary married a Mr.Goodfellow. She died some 5 years ago but had lived in Portstewart. Her family is scattered around Northern Ireland. Margaret (McGroaty) Hartley has three daughters and one son. I live in Birkenhead, while the three daughters live in Warrington, Nottingham and Norfolk. My mother is very interested in her family history but we have very little to go on. She claims she had an uncle who was a priest in Donegal and her father was from that area. He had to travel out of Belfast to find work and eneded up in Barrow and Birkenhead. He would have worked in the yards here. He died when my mother was 19 and would have been surprised to find that his grandson would one day be the Parish priest of the parish in which he probably worshiped!

Howard, Tony

In a Christmas Card, Mickey Mullen of Inver, County Donegal asked if I’d seen this site.

I live in Louisville, KY.   My great-grandfather, Patrick McGroarty, 1864-1944 came to western KY from Donegal at age 20.  I remember him.  He never returned and had little contact with his family.  In recent years I have contacted some of his nieces and nephews in Canada, New Jersey, and Donegal and have visited the home he was born in twice.  I have assembled some McGroarty notes in Family Treemaker including info purchased from  Donegal Ancestry.  I’ll gladly share these with interested parties.

Michael -1842-1936 s/o James McGroarty and Biddy – 1841-1921 d/o John McGroarty were evidently not closely related.  There is no known connection on either side with Civil War hero, Stephen McGroarty of Ohio but in my search I did get the following on Gen. McGroarty:

From Boatner’s Civil War Dictionary:  McGroarty, Stephen Joseph, 1830-1870, b. Ireland, Capt. 10th Ohio, 13 May 1861, resigned Oct 28, 1861; Lt Col 61st Ohio Apr 23, 1862, Col Sep 23 1862, transferred to 82nd Ohio Ma 31, 1865.  Brevet BG US Volunteers May 1 1865 for War service.   Commanded 1,3,XI; 3,3,XI; 3rd Div XI.   Wounded Carnifex Ferry, VA and Peach Tree Creek where he lost left arm.  Was wounded 23 times during the War.  He was a merchant and a well-known criminal lawyer.” – Listing of 40 Generals’ graves – Spring Grove Cemetery, located in Cincinnati, Ohio: McGroarty*, Stephen Joseph, (1830-1870) Section 15, Lot 116 – “STEPHEN JOSEPH McGROARTY was born in Mount Charles, County of Donegal, Ireland, in 1830. His family immigrated to the United States three years later, where his father, Cornelius, founded the settlement of Fayetteville in Brown County, Ohio. Stephen J. McGroarty became a Cincinnati lawyer and at the beginning of the Civil War was elected captain of a company in the 10th Ohio Volunteers, the Irish regiment from Cincinnati. During a campaign in western Virginia, he was shot through the right lung. Upon his recovery he was made lieutenant-colonel of the 61st Ohio Volunteers. McGroarty was wounded many times during the Civil War, perhaps as many as twenty-three times, according to one source. He was wounded so severely in the battle of Peachtree Creek in July 1, 1864 that his left arm had to be amputated. Later he was appointed colonel of the 82nd Ohio and at the end of the war was named brevet brigadier general.”

“General McGroarty was one of the most respected men in Cincinnati because of his outstanding war service. It was then the custom to elect wounded war heroes to public office so they would have employment and income. Thus, in the August 1866 Hamilton County Republican caucus, General McGroarty sought the Republican nomination for county auditor, but was defeated by yet another wounded war hero, General August Willich. He then contended for the Democratic nomination for prosecuting attorney of Hamilton County and gained the nomination, but was defeated in the October election. Finally, in the fall elections of 1869, he was elected recorder of Hamilton County on the Democratic ticket, but he died two months before he was to take office, on January 2, 1870, at age thirty-nine. However, in later years his friends secured the job of postmistress of the College Hill station for his widow, Mary McGroarty, who held that position for many years.”

Lafferty, Philip

Lives in Redcastle in Donegal.  Mother’s maiden name is McGroarty.

McGettigan, Ciara

Hello my name is Ciara McGettigan.  My partner is a McGroarty. We are from Belfast Northern Ireland and have three children Patrick McGroarty age 9, Meabh McGroarty age 3, and Gemma McGroarty age 4 months.

McGority, Elizabeth Frances

Elizabeth Frances McGority was born in 1896  in New Bethlehem, Clarion, PA, and died in 1961 in Kittanning, Armstrong, PA.   Her parents were James Arthur McGrority (1864-1918, probably b. in Donegal) and Mary Alice Dwyer (1867-1918, possibly b. in Brady’s Bend, PA).  The parents of James were Michael (1825-1926, born in Donegal) and Ann (1834-1906) McGrorty.  The parents of Michael were Stephen (b. 1805) and Mary Ferry/Fairy ( b. 1805) McGority.

McGroarty, Alison

William [Billy] McGroarty was born in Belfast on the 27th November 1942.  He had three sisters called Colette, Elizabeth and Mary.  He died on 29th of October 2004.he married Mary McGrath on 8th of February 1964.  He had 6 children Stephen, Dermot, Billy [William], Cathy, Patrick and Terence.  There are now 12 grandchildren Paul, Rachel, Mark, Adam, Michael, Gary, Amanda, Cora, Liam, Patrick, Meabh and Gemma.  All of them are McGroartys. There are also two daughter-in-laws.

McGroarty, Anne

My name is Shirley Ann Reiter, nee Boyle. My grandfather, John Joseph Boyle was from County Donegal. I believe from near Killybegs. Other localities associated with my family are are Inver, Frosses, Kilcar and Mount Charles. His mother’s name was Anne McGroarty. She was born in County Donegal.  Her birth date as per the 1870 census was 1825. Her husband’s name was John Boyle. I suspect he died in Ireland as I find no documents or heard any oral history indicating his presence in the U.S. John and Anne had three children: Patrick, born 1849, John Joseph, born circa 1853, and Mary Anne born in 1856. All were born in Co. Donegal. My uncle, Frank Boyle told me Mary Anne was a small woman with red hair.

I was told that Mary Anne came to Shullsburg, Wisconsin to work for a McNulty family. This family was also from County Donegal, probably knew Mary Anne in Ireland and hired her as a house keeper. Grandfather Boyle said he came to America at the age of nine accompanied by his brother Patrick, eleven. They sailed from Liverpool to New York in 1862. Their mother met them in New York and they returned with her to Shullsburg. John immediately went to work to supplement the household income. His first job, he sold pins from door to door. When the railroad came through Shullsburg he worked on laying track.

As an adult, he owned and operated the Darlington Lumber Company Co. in partnership with his wife’s brother-in-law, Will E. Collins. John Joseph Boyle married Roseanne Gallagher (father Edward Gallagher from Co. Tyrone, mother Mary Elizabeth Campbell from Co. Donegal.) in 1883 at Holy Rosary Church, Darlington, Wisconsin. They had six sons and one daughter: John Joseph Jr., Hugh J., Francis T., Bernard J., Wilfred J., my father, Edward F., and Elizabeth.  John, Hugh, Bernard and Wilfred were attorneys, Frank was a cattle buyer, Edward owned a small business, Elizabeth became a School Sister of Notre Dame, choosing the name Sister Mary Bernard.

John J. Jr. married Mabel Stansel. They had three children: John Joseph, Mary Elizabeth and Roseanne. They lived in Madison, Wisconsin. Hugh J. married Ethel ? They had two children, Edward, an attorney in California and Helen. They lived in Omaha, Nebraska. Bernard married Maude Smith in Omaha, Nebraska. They had two children, Joseph and Eileen. Bernard and Hugh formed a law partnership  in Omaha. Francis married Mildred White. They had three children: Arthur, Donald and Rosemary. Arthur and Donald had no children, Rosemary married Norm Sheehan. They also had a family and lived in Shullsburg, Wisconsin. Wilfred married Mary Catherine Connell in 1934. They had three children, William J, Shirley Ann (me), Mary Catherine and Susan. Edward married Irma Lowling, they had two children, Bernard and Patricia. Sister Bernard taught school for many years, serving southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois Catholic school systems.  Shirley Ann Boyle, nee Reiter.

McGroarty, Colin Marks

Son of Joseph Stanton McGroarty (Son of Joseph Aloysius McGroarty.  Brother to John Vincent McGroarty and Mark Dennison McGroarty) and Inara (Liventals) McGroarty. Colin was born in Michigan in the United States. Colin’s siblings are Brian Walter McGroarty, Cameron John McGroarty, and Laura Margaret McGroarty.  Colin has two children, Cameron Brady McGroarty and Frances Margaret McGroarty, who he loves more than anything in the world.

McGroarty, Duston, M.

Duston M. McGroarty and his wife Lorelei Nicole McGroarty are from Perry, Ohio.  (Duston and Lorelei were married July 12, 2003) Duston is the son of Michael James McGroarty who is the son of James McGroarty.  James McGroarty came from Cary Ireland.

McGroarty, Eddie

I’m Eddie McGroarty aka (chick) from Letterkenny Co. Donegal. I served as a soldier in the Irish Army and am the father of 2 amazing kids.

My passion is percussion!  For years I have been playing Irish Traditional music and Latin Rhythms all over Ireland.  At the moment I’m gigging with a fantastic musician/composer named Chris Ward who hails from Newcastle in the UK. We have just released our new CD and are keeping our fingers crossed that it does well. Have a listen at  I’d be delighted to hear from other musically talented McGroartys.  Please feel free to contact me via email at

McGroarty, Eileen

I’m Eileen McGroarty, daughter of Joseph McGroarty of Philadelphia.  Dad was born in Philadelphia in 1914.  His birth certificate only mentions his mother Mary.  My father spoke of siblings and a father, Joseph John McGroarty, all of South Philadelphia.  My grandfather was from Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, and my grandmother from Strabane, Co. Tyrone.

McGroarty, Freddy

Freddy lives in England in West Yorkshire. His grandfather, Dan McGroarty, is originally from Donegal in the Republic Of Ireland, the home land of the McGroartys. Dan’s two brothers and a sister went to America (round about the 1890’s). Dan’s youngest brother, Tom McGroarty, took over the family business, a pub in Donegal town centre called McGroartys bar. Tom and his sons and daughters still live in Donegal.

McGroarty, Gordon

Gordon is from Sunderland England.  His ancestors were originally from Donegal but moved to Balloch Loch Lomond.  His father Edward the moved to Sunderland with his brother James (who was a bevan boy in the mines).  Edward and James married two sisters.

McGroarty, Gordon A.

Gordon states that there are two branches of the McGroarty clan in the West coast of Scotland.  One was founded on the Isle of Bute (the main town is Rothesay) which is where Gordon hails from.  The other “grew up” in Dumbarton on the River Clyde which is where Gordon now lives.

McGroarty, Grant

Grant is the son of Gerrard Andrew McGroarty.  His grandfather is Andrew Kennedy McGroarty.  Grant is from Toronto Ontario, Canada.

McGroarty, Gregory John

Gregory John McGroarty, son of James McGroarty (Toronto), son of William James McGroarty (Woodbridge, Ontario), son of Bernard McGrorty (Ballintra-Donegal), son of John McGrorty (Donegal), son of John McGrorty (Donegal), was born in Canada and now lives in Ireland. He resides at the McGroarty ancestral town land at Ballymagroarty Donegal.

There is another Ballymagroarty that was also held by that family in Derry (Londonderry), North of Donegal. These lands were important monastic sites from the time of St. Patrick 440 AD and St. Columcille, otherwise known by his Latin name Columba. St. Columcille founded many monasteries including Iona. The McGroartys were the hereditary heirs of these lands for over a thousand years and maintained one of the greatest collections of ancient manuscripts in Western Europe.

The greatest treasure they held, as the official “Keeper,” is the “Cathach” which is Western Europe’s oldest surviving manuscript. It was written around 560 AD and is ascribed to “Columba” the great visionary, thought by many to be responsible for the Christianization of Europe. Columba could have been King during his time but chose to do God’s work.

It is through his genealogy that the kingdoms of Europe have taken their bloodlines and empowerment to rule. The McGroartys were not only the “Keepers” of his manuscripts, but also of certain monastic lands and of his relics (Great Cross of Columcille – The Cathach – Columcille’s Bell). At one time these were the most important relics of Western Europe.

The McGroartys also produced Abbots of Kells (Second in status to Rome at the time and where The Book of Kells originates.) from the late 800’s until 1098, the last being Domnall McGroarty, who was from the Ballymagroarty monastery here in Donegal. Domnall was Abbot of Kells successor to Columba.

The McGroarty surname, if not the oldest, would be at least in the first two surnames adopted in all of Europe. Surnames were adopted to identify hereditary rights essential in the passing down of the Founder’s (Colubams) relics. There is a small Museum in “The Ballymagroarty Heritage Centre” with an assortment of ancient books and manuscripts that highlight the McGroartys’ impact on the area, Ireland, and Europe.

McGroarty, James

My name is James McGroarty I’m 55yrs old. I live in England. My father was born in Donegal in 1908 his parents and brothers and sisters emigrated to America when he was very young, he couldn’t travel because he was to ill. He was put with some so called friends until he was well enough to travel and the money was sent for his passage to America but the family he was staying with used the money to send there son to school, when my father discovered this he left them and went to work on a farm in Castle Fynn. I’ve always wondered what happen to his family!. I have four brothers: Dennis, Hugh, John,  and Desmond.

P.S. My father mention that when his family was crossing from Ireland to America his mother had a baby which was still born and was buried at sea of Greenland this story is very hazy but you might be able to link it to someone over there.

McGroarty, James C.

My Grand Father was Bernard and he moved from Wilkes-Barre PA.  His father Charles Leo, born from Bernard and Elenor (Burke), came from Ireland. The only record I can find is a marriage license that lists his father as John McGroarty.  Take Care, Jim McGroarty.

McGroarty, James Francis

James Francis McGroarty married Theresa O’Neil, Glasgow 1941. Lived in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) Africa 1950-2003.

McGroarty, James Michael

My father, same name, was born in Philly around WW1 and his father had the same name and was born in Donegal. One of my father’s brothers was named Danny and another lived in Horshum.  He had an aunt named Maryrose who ran a bar in south Philly where my father grew up. My father left home to live with John Steven McGroarty in Los Angeles.

McGroarty, Jimmy

Jimmy is the cousin of John William McGroarty from Rothesay, Scotland.  His father James Francis McGroarty left Scotland in 1947 for Africa where they lived for 55 years.  Jimmy now lives is London.

McGroarty, John

Greetings from Dublin, Ireland cultural capital of the free world or what’s left of it. My name is John McGroarty or Sean MacRuairti to use the ancient Gaelic tongue although in some of the very old manuscripts the surname is spelled MacRobhartaigh but that’s quite a mouthful for non Gaels.  I am a retired member of An Garda Siochana (Ireland’s National Police Force) wherein I dedicated 39 years of my life in the service of this State.  I am now a corporate security consultant working part-time and with some time on my hands which I use to dig around in the ashes of previous civilizations in search of my forbears.

Maybe I should start with my self and say that I am now 64 years of age, married to Maura from C. Longford for 40 years and living in the Glasnevin area of Dublin City.  We have four children: Frank, Katrina, Cathal, and Shaun.

McGroarty, John P.

My name is John P. McGroarty. I reside in Pasadena, MD. I can go back to approximately the early 1930’s, when my Grandfather and his sister left Donegal, Ireland to come to the United States, and settled in the Upper Manhattan area of NY. My Grandfather’s name was Patrick McGroarty, and he traveled with his sister Sarah McGroarty, who then married into the Ryan name. They left behind some siblings, as the others did not want to leave Donegal. Grandfather married Josephine Grimes, and had 5 children – James, John, Josephine, (Ward) Patrick, and William. Most still live in the NY and NJ areas.

McGroarty, John William

John was born and raised the Isle of Bute, Scotland. John’s wife is Ana (a Floridian/Cuban). His parents are John Aloyisious and Agnes Germaine. John’s brothers and sisters, in order, are: Billy, Margaret, Martin, Gordon and Oonagh.

McGroarty, Kathleen Robertson nee

My name is Kathleen Robertson nee McGroarty. My dad was Henry McGroarty born in 1917 to Marjorie McGroarty. He has a brother William McGroarty, born 1915. They were born and brought up in Renton, Dunbartonshire just a few miles south of Loch Lomond.My dad passed away in October, 2003 but my Uncle Bill is living in Tucson Arizona and is over 90 years old! My brother, Harry, lives in Edinburgh.

McGroarty, Kristen

My name is Kristen McGroarty. My mother is Lorelei who married James McGroarty. My brother is also named James McGroarty. We all live in Southern California. My grandfather is James McGroarty from St. Louis Missouri who married Helen from Decatur, IL, they had both moved to California and had seven children including my dad. His father was also name James.

McGroarty, Mark Patrick

Mark is located in Haddonfield, New Jersey. He works in a hospital OR where he is an anesthesia tech. Mark’s family comes from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mark states that there are a lot of McGroartys in the South Jersey and Philadelphia areas.

McGroarty, Maureen

Maureen lives in Scotland about 15 miles from Glasgow in a little place called Blantyre.  Maureen’s great-grandfather came from Mount Charles in County Donegal.  He came to Scotland with six of his brothers, two of which went to America.  Maureen states that the name McGroarty means full tide in Irish and believes there is a family connection to Saint Columba.

McGroarty, Michael

Michael McGroarty, Drimkeelan, Mountcharles, Co. Donegal, Ireland, the home of the McGroarty clan. A stonecutter by trade like many of my ancestors including my father.

McGroarty, Michael

Michael was born in Glasgow in 1961. His father is Patrick Joseph McGroarty, born in Donegal Town in 1925.  His father and mother were John and Mary McGroarty.  Michael’s father, John McGroarty, moved to Scotland for work after WWII where he met his wife, Teresa Davidson.  They had six boys and three girls.

McGroarty, Mike

My father, James “Seamus” McGroarty recently passed away, and I have been trying to learn more about the family history in Mount Charles and Donegal. Dad was born in Ireland and lived there until about the age of 20, his father was a stone cutter. I plan to visit Ireland maybe next summer or spring, but would like to learn more before I go. Mike has a cousin, James McGroarty, who resides in New Jersey.

McGroarty, Paddy

The McGroarty name comes from the Irish word Rabhartach meaning flood tide.

McGroarty, Paul

Paul was born in New York City.  His father is Frank J. McGroarty who was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1906.  His father was John McGroarty, born in 1869, also in Brooklyn.

McGroarty, Pauric

Pauric McGroarty lives in Donegal in Ireland. He has information in relation to the McGroarty family from Drimarone/Selacis going back to 1850 onwards.

McGroarty, Peter

Peter McGroarty is the son of Dennis McGroarty.  They live in Coatbridge, Scotland and are the descendants of Patrick McGroarty and Elizabeth Herron, from Mt. Charles, County Donegal, Ireland.  Patrick came to Glasgow around 1850 and settled in Anderston, Glasgow.  In the early 20th century his two sons (grandsons?), John and James, moved to Coatbridge and Caldercruix, Scotland.  John is Peters grandfather.

McGroarty-Muth, Kathleen

Kathy has two brothers, William who is Denver and Dennis who is in Dallas.  They were born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Kathy’s father William McGroarty was born in 1910 and is the youngest of nine: James, Marie, Joseph, Charles, Edward, Catherine, Margaret, Aloysius, and William.  Her grandfather is Joseph McGroarty who was married to Agnes McAree, he was born in 1867, immigrated in 1888, and died in 1921.  Kathy’s closest cousins are Tony and Michael McGroarty who live in Pittsburgh.  Their father was Joseph and he did not have them until his late fifties.  Kathy has two sons, Bryan and Justin.

McGroarty-O’Bryant, Kathleen

Kathleen’s family tree begins with Dan and Mary Leddy.  Mary was born in 1820.  Dan and Mary were Kathleen’s grandparents and had eight children: Dan, Pat, James (a priest), John (a trappist monk), Anne, Mary, Dennis, and Terry.  Mary Leddy married William McGroarty; they are Kathleen’s great grandparents.  William and Mary (born in 1850) of Donegal had several children: William, Joe, John, Terry, Charles (Kathleen’s grandfather), Florence, and Aloysious.  Charles (born in 1887) may have been married to a Bridget, but then had a second marriage to Gertrude Dean.  Gertrude and Charles had two sons, Leo and Kathleen’s dad William Charles McGroarty.  William married Claire Rollins in Massachusetts, moved to California, and had six children: Kevin, Kathleen, James (Shamus), Timothy, Elizabeth, and Sean.

McGroarty-Taylor, Mary

Mary is from Memphis Tennessee.  She moved there from Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania almost 40 years ago.  Her father is Joseph from Mahanoy City and his father was Peter McGroarty from the Hazelton / Wilkes Barre area.  His father James came to the U.S. from Donegal around the turn of the century.

Smith, Jean

Jean’s great-grandmother was was Grace McGroarty who married John Kenny in Donegal, Ireland in 1855.  When registering my granddad in Helensborough Scotland in 1871 a mistake was made her name, it was spelled Mc Groat.  She couldn’t read or write so she accepted the spelling my marking an X on the form.  The 1871 census helped us clear this up, it is in Helensborough library.  Her other children are listed as with the McGroarty spelling.

Simonson-McGroarty, Sue

Sue is the daughter of Charles Joseph McGroarty (born 1907 in Scranton, PA).  He moved to Southern CA with our mother (Jane Grindrod) in 1949. His parents were Charles Aloysius McGroarty (born 1883 in Wilkes Barre, PA) and Agnes Gertrude Taugher (not sure when she was born). Charles A. McGroarty’s parents were Patrick McGroarty (born 1849 in Ireland, possibly Donegal, and immigrated to the US in 1863) and Mary O’Toole (not sure of her birth date but she did immigrate to the US in 1863 with her sisters). Sue currently lives in Sacramento, California.  She has a brother Mike McGroarty (Folsom, CA) and sister Katee Cross McGroarty (Brea, CA).  Sue’s mom, Jane Grindrod McGroarty lives in Citrus Heights, CA.

Walker, Patricia

My mother was a McGroarty born in Renfrew Scotland. Her father was born in Londonderry in 1887. He had 2 older brothers and 1 brother and 3 sisters younger, the younger ones were born in Glasgow where the family moved to in the1890’s. I have been told Patrick McGroarty came from Mount Charles county. Donegal and his Wife Bridget Harkins from Moville. They were married in St. Eugenes Cathedral Londonderry on 21/4/1881.

Winter, Jack

My mother had a saying, “Take a chance, McGroarty did.” She said she learned it in childhood, (born 1910), but never knew the origin.

Ymzon, Rosemary

Rosemary’s father is James McGroarty from Morea, Pennsylvania near Mahanoy City.  His father was Peter Francis McGroarty (1877-1936), born in Janesville, Pennsylvania.  He was married to Mary Gemmel who was born in Scotland.  Peter is the son of James McGroarty (1835-1909), born in Ireland, died in Hazelton, Pennsylvania.  He was married to Ellen Brennan (1833-1930) of Ireland.  Rosemary’s father has always insisted his family came from Sligo.

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    My Mum is Elizabeth McGroarty of Castlefin, Donegal. She is the last surviving McGroarty of her family. Her 2 brothers were Thomas (aka Sonny and Eamonn) and Anthony (Tony), and her 2 sisters were Anna and Mary.
    Her parents were Dominick McGroarty from Liscooley, Donegal and Alice McAteer from Ballybofey, Donegal.
    The family emigrated to Scotland in the mid 1950s.
    Dominick’s parents were Edward McGroarty and Catherine Higney of Killygordon, Donegal.
    Edward’s parents were James McGroarty and Rose Browne.
    James McGroarty was from Manorcunningham, Donegal.
    He had a brother, John who was married to Sarah Doherty.
    James emigrated to the US after the death of his wife Rose Browne.
    His son Henry and his family went with him.
    John and Sarah and their family also emigrated to the US.

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