2nd Amendment

The Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights is meant to safeguard our unalienable right to bear arms.  Throughout history tyrants have attempted to disarm individuals in order to control people by force.  Therefore, our Founding Fathers made it clear that no government body has any right to pass any law or regulation limiting the ability to keep or bear arms.

I fully support the unalienable right to keep and bear arms.  I do not support background checks nor gun registration, as they are unconstitutional and can be used to implement gun control via backdoor methods.  I do not support gun free zones as they are unconstitutional.  Our rights should never be limited on any form of government or public property.  That said, I do recognize that private citizens have the right to decide whether or not weapons will be allowed on their own private property.

I also recognize that education and weapon familiarization is necessary in order to safely and effectively use weapons.  I would encourage, but would never mandate, that individuals take classes or receive some sort of training in order to safely use their weapons of choice.  At one point in history, Americans received such training in public and private schools.  I would encourage educators to bring such training back into school curriculums.

2nd Amendment

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  1. Never compromise your unalienable and constitutionally protected right to bear arms. If that right is lost, all others will follow.

    Freedom is always worth defending.

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