McGroarty Genealogy

There are a number of McGroarty family members who would like to learn more about our family history.  The following accounts have been submitted by members of the McGroarty family from around the world. If you have family information (biographical information, email addresses, pictures, websites, etc.) that you would like to share, please email the information to […]

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Kings of Ireland – McGroarty Family History

O’Donnell dynasty Like the family of O’Neill, that of O’Donnell of Tyrconnell was of the Uí Néill, i.e. descended from Niall of the Nine Hostages, High-King of Ireland at the beginning of the 5th century; the O’Neill, or Cenél nEógain, tracing their pedigree to Eógan mac Néill, and the O’Donnells, or Cenél Conaill, to Conall

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